Another BTS Tour in 2020? Yes please.

Nobody saw this coming. As fans were eager and desperate for a glimpse at a new video or just a little taste of a new song, we were all in awe of what came instead: BTS TOUR 2020! None of us expected this. We would’ve just been happy with a song or a video, but this was HUGE news; To actually get to dance at more BTS concerts 2020 is a dream come true.


Mark Your Calendars for April 2020

On Dec 24th came the tweet that took the ARMY by storm. BigHit Entertainment, the people who represent BTS, destroyed twitter with just 4 words : “April 2020. Stay Tuned.” with a blurry picture of the band. It was all so secretive and so intriguing. The tweet and the image attached to it is super vague and we have no clue what’s going to hit us next!

No further announcements about the BTS Tour 2020 were made after that tweet and we are all just biting our nails waiting for more information. The ARMY knows that we would nothing else but to attend BTS Concerts 2020 and be mesmerized by their passionate performances.

Fan Reactions to the BTS Tour 2020 Announcement:

This is the only thing about the announcement that was expected, fans going crazy waiting for more exciting BTS concerts 2020. Just to see the band perform live again would be an honour and soulful experience.

These are just a few of many tweets that are shaking up twitter with THE BTS TOUR 2020 ANNOUNCEMENT!! And we are all super excited!! 

Where Do I Get The Tickets For BTS Tour 2020?

BTS has always made songs that resonate with the masses. Fans relate to their lyrics promoting self-love, self-respect, mental health and other issues related to the youth. Which is just one of the reasons that fans love them and want another opportunity to attend a BTS concert in 2020, even though BTS just went on tour last year.


There are many online sites that sell tickets for bands like BTS. Every country has their own sellers but there is Stubhub who sells BTS concert tickets universally. So as soon as the tickets go live, be sure to look for them online because they will sell out pretty fast.

What Can We Expect in the Upcoming BTS Tour?

With BTS, we can never know what we are going to expect. Their concerts are electrifying and magical. Their performances are always surprising and they always exceed expectations as they bring the whole audience to their feet.

But if it is going to be anything like the BTS Speak Yourself Tour, then we are all in for another exciting ride. 

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