BTS Returning for KBS Song Festival for the 6th Year!

On October 31st, KBS announced their star-studded 2019 lineup. Amongst a number of famous artists is the most popular and the trending band of 2019, BTS. KBS Song Festival or KBS Gayo Daechukje, is an annual South Korean music show that airs at the end of every year on the Korean Broadcasting system.

Every year the lineup includes highly renowned 20-30 artists who perform at the festival and BTS is again one of the bands chosen to perform at this huge event. The fans were obviously super excited to see the lineup. Even though the band just recently finished their Speak Yourself World Tour, whose merch is available on our website, the fans just can’t get enough of their beloved band. 

BTS was formed in 2013 in Seoul and it has been a part of the performers of the KBS music festival since 2014 which is a huge deal for any band. This year, the KBS Gayo Daechukje will air on the 27th of December at KINTEX and fans just can’t wait! Since the date of the festival is nearing, the anticipation and excitement of especially the Korean fans, is growing everyday. 

Fans know how big of a deal it is for BTS to return for the festival a sixth time. Originally, this festival was called the TBC Broadcast Music awards where popular bands not only performed but were handed out awards. The program was first broadcast in 1965 and has been a continued hit for decades now. In 1981, TBS merged with the Korean Broadcasting System and changed its name to the KBC Music awards. In 2005, the KBS Music awards gave out their last award and then turned the program into a non-competitive music festival. Since then, the festival airs on the 30th of December, however, this year the date has been pushed back to 27th December due to the excitement for the star-studded lineup of the show.


Fans weren’t sure whether BTS would be returning this year considering their busy schedule. Their Speak Yourself Tour along with the launch of their official Love Yourself merchandise, the band has had a pretty busy year. And a week before the festival, the band will be in Japan for their BTS Japan Official FanMeeting Vol.5. So even if their dates did free up, it was difficult to imagine that they’d be able to perform this year due to the date of the KBS festival being pushed back. So when the lineup was announced with BTS at the top of the list, the fans went crazy! 

People didn’t only want BTS to perform this year just because they are a well known band who is popular around the world. But also because of the energy that they bring out with them. Their hyperactive vibe on stage brings the whole crowd to their feet, as has been proven by all BTS concerts. Their dancing and their music is phenomenal and makes everybody want to jump and dance with them to their songs like Boy With Luv, Idol, Fake Love etc. So their popularity wasn’t the only reason that the KBS fans wanted them back but also because energetic performances make the show feel alive.

BTS performing on KBS song festival

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