The 7 Best Items for BTS Fans

BTS Merchandise has been a trending topic amongst the fans for a while now. Its popularity speaks to the necessity of their items, especially the BTS Love Yourself Collection because the fans can’t seem to get enough of it.The 7 Best Items for BTS Fans

Even though part of the same series, each item had something unique about it that just left fans wanting more. The launch of the official Speak Yourself Tour merchandise became the talk of the town because people couldn’t wait to get their hands on them. Each merchandise from their collection stands out in their own way and are incomparable.

However, there are some items that became popular beyond imagination. They were owned by most hardcore fans and were in high demand. But even from the popular items, picking the best 7 was a difficult task because they are all special in their own way.

Our List Of The 7 Best BTS Items:

7. Antique BTS ARMY NecklaceAntique BTS ARMY Necklace

The Antique BTS ARMY necklace is the minimalist piece of accessory that all female fans love. The gold necklace with individual letters spelling out “A R M Y” is something that the whole fandom can enjoy. It is the most popular item of their jewellery collection because it is not too flashy but conveys your message.  

The necklace is made from non corrosive material that will last your lifetime. The shine is also long lasting which gives it an amazing look for all the fans of BTS.

6. Wings Tour Varsity JacketWings Tour Varsity Jacket

Varsity Jackets are pretty cool on their own but combine them with the BTS collection and it is going to become the most sought after item of the whole merchandise.

Even though the jacket was part of their 2017 Wings Tour, it is still searched for by many fans. The unisex jacket has the wings logo on the front and names of the members on the back. 

5. Speak Yourself World Tour Off Shoulder Hoodie

Speak Yourself World Tour Off Shoulder Hoodie

The Speak Yourself World Tour was a success and its merchandise was an even bigger hit. But something that really stood out was their Speak Yourself Tour Off Shoulder Hoodie.

It combined the love for BTS with a stylish piece of clothing and girls everywhere loved it. It has the words Love Yourself along with the Speak Yourself logo printed on the front, other than that is is simple and that’s what fans love about it. 

It is great for casual use and can also be worn in concerts and events to show your love for the band.

4. Wings Tour Ring Hat

Wings Tour Ring Hat

This is definitely a collector’s item. Launched in 2017 with the Wings Tour Merchandise, all fans quickly sought this out. A plain black hat with two rings hanging from its brim.

The item goes well with all outfits and looks great on all genders. Plus it shows that you are a fan without a lot of print so it works for everyone. Maybe that’s why it is still so popular. 

The Rings are made from stainless steel and are fitted quite well so that the don’t wear out or fall off.

3. BTS Members Love Yourself Her Hoodie BTS Members Love Yourself Her Hoodie

If you need anything that screams BTS, the Members Love Yourself Her Hoodie is everybodys go to merch. It has the BTS logo printed on the front, Love Yourself Logo and the name of the members printed on the back. But what’s different is that is has the “Her” album design printed on the arms of the hoodie. This rare item is a must have by all fans. 

The material is well suited for washing it at home and is also easy to iron it. Which makes it a good wash and wear hoodie. The fabric is quite warm which makes it a perfect fit for this season. Moreover, the simplicity of the design gives it quite classic look.

2. BTS Cross Border Printed Hoodie

BTS Cross Border Printed Hoodie

The BTS Cross Border Printed Hoodie has a snapping hand print on the front and cross border stripes on the arms. Believe it or not, this item is pretty hard to come by. It was one of the first items launched in the Official BTS Merchandise which is why fans love it and want, everywhere. 

The minimalist design gives it quite a classy look which can be worn all day around for casual wear. The fabric is soft and warm and is one of the most selling product of the band. This is quite a rare item and sells like hot cakes all year around. The elastic material at the border of the sleeves make them fit perfectly.

1. BTS Logo Short Sleeve T-Shirt

BTS Logo Short Sleeve T-Shirt

This might surprise some people, but the BTS Logo Short Sleeve T-Shirt is something that all the fans want to own one of. It is a plain and simple t shirt with just the BTS logo on the front. The folded short sleeves give it a different and stylish look.

This is a shirt that looks good on everyone. This was one of the first launches products of the BTS merchandise and is still being sold everywhere like hot cakes.

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